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We believe in complete transparency at Napleton's Northlake Kia.  We sell quality used cars at amazing prices.  Every customer seeking a used car for sale in West Palm beach has a right to not only great service, great prices but honest service.  Below you will see some of our tips for purchasing a used car from a used car dealership or even a individual. 

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4 Things Everybody Should Consider Before Buying a Used Car

There's something terrifying about buying a used car- especially if you don't know anything about cars.  Remember the stories you heard about people buying a pre-owned car and it broke down the next week. They were stuck with the bill, and embarrassed because they made a poor decision. As horrifying as this sounds (you promised yourself you would NEVER make the same mistake), but now you're at the used car dealership full of anxiety searching for a used car. That is the precise reason why we want to help you with your used car search. Below we have outlined 4 things every used car buyer should look for whenever buying a used car. So if you're panicking, or you just need a few tips, check them out.

1.    Before You Get Into A Used Car

While we all have seen a used cars we have fallen in love with, only a few of us ever notice their flaws until it's too late. So take a walk around the car and inspect it for rust, chipped paint, scratches, or spots that might seem difficult to remove.  Thoroughly inspect the bumpers and windshields for any cracks or dents. Test the headlights and tail lights to see if they work. Last, don't forget to check the condition of the car's windshield wipers.  You want to make sure they're not worn down.

2.    What To Look For Inside Of  A Used Car

No matter how good a used car looks on the outside, you should always check the interior.  The first thing you want to observe is the interiors up-keep. Does it look worn and torn? Or is it in mint condition? Second, check to see if there are any unusual odors. Next, inspect your rear view mirrors for any blind spots. Then check to make sure the used car's speakers work, the air conditioning is reliable, and any other features that come with the vehicle are effectively working. Just a heads up, do not blast the radio when you start your test drive. You want to make sure you catch any revealing squeaks or rattles.

3.    Test Driving A Used Car

Whether you have decided to buy a used car, or you are just shopping, you should always take it for a test drive. While this might be the car of your dreams, a used car can easily become a nightmare. So choose a route where you can experience the cars full capabilities. If you do a lot of driving through crowded streets that force you to make emergency stops, make sure you test the responsiveness of the breaks. You should also consider how smooth your car shifts gears.  Ideally, every used car should shift smoothly. Even more important, you want to listen to the motor for any ticks, rattles, or squeaks. At the same time, pay attention to how straight the used car drives. Does it pull to the left or the right? This plays a critical role in how your used car will maneuver.  Finally, make sure that you choose a car that you are comfortable with. 

4.    After Test Driving A Used Car

Last but certainly not least, take a look under the hood after your test drive. Take a look to see if there are any signs of oil burning or smoking. Don't forget to look for leaking fluids. You will notice them when you see a trails of leaking fluid that leads to the used car. Finally, take notes on everything you observed. As a result, you will be able to make a well informed decision.

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If you are a used car shopper in West Palm Beach and you have landed here it is for a reason. Napleton Northlake Kia's used cars are priced to move!  Find out why so many auto buyers find themselves in the Northlake Kia used car lot.  Each and every customer that comes to Northlake Kia for a new or used vehicle gets treated with honesty, respect and openness.  Purchasing a new used  vehicle can be a very exciting time.  It is our job to make sure that new vehicle is the right car for you as well as help you keep that excitement instead of worrying. We will give you the right price on your used car and great customer service while you shop for your used car as well as after you purchase your used car.