Kia's Big investment Towards DriveWise Predicts Self-Driving Cars by 2030


Though the technology will likely be ready before then, Kia Motors Corp. is predicting that they will be able to offer a full lineup of Kia cars that can predominantly drive themselves by the year 2030.

And while this may inspire thoughts of "I, Robot" or "2001: A Space Odyssey", consider this, instead:

A Kia Optima that could park itself while you go shopping around Palm Beach Gardens, and can then come pick you up when you're done. A Kia Soul EV that can complete boring highway cruising while you catch up on your work emails. A Kia Sportage that can get you to your outdoor adventures--and then meet you at your end zone.

Check out the video below to see just a few of the ways an autonomous, self-driving Kia could change the way you drive--even the way you live.

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