The Kia Telluride is Too Cool for School--But Not for Detroit


The first time we saw this teaser image of the Kia Telluride concept SUV on the brand's Instagram, we were hooked. And we think you will be, too.


Our designers are always pushing the boundaries. On January 11th, you’ll be able to see our latest concept car at @naiasdetroit!

A photo posted by Kia Motors America (@kiamotorsusa) on

Currently on display at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, the Kia Telluride introduces a pretty cool new concept into the new model lineup. It's not exactly revolutionary--because you can find large and full-size SUVs from a variety of makers--but it would fill a crucial gap in the current lineup.

For now in Palm Beach Gardens, drivers who want a large vehicle from Kia must choose between the Sorento midsize crossover or the Sedona minivan, when potentially a third choice could serve their needs even better.

Hopefully, the Telluride will be that new choice.

Keep an eye on the Detroit Auto Show the rest of this week for more information on this cool new Kia concept.

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