A Great School Year Starts with the Kia Soul

Teachers never get enough of praise or the recognition they really deserve. On top of inspiring and teaching, they also take care of our kids for good chunks of the day on a regular basis. Whether or not you're a teacher, a parent taking kids to school, or a high school or college student, the new 2015 Kia Soul is a great way to make sure this first semester gets off to a great start.



We here at our Palm Beach Gardens, FL Kia dealership love this picture of the interior of the new Soul. Most car photos are unrealistically clean and barren, appearing like they've never been driven by actual people before. But this one shows how a school-oriented driver can bring all their school supplies with them while driving a reliable, efficient and fun Soul to and from the classroom.

Swing on over to Napleton Northlake Kia today and test drive the new Soul.

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