We rarely think to associate the phrases "fascinating style" and "mid-size sedan" with one another, but our favorite Korean automotive manufacturer never has been one to color inside the lines now, has it?

So it should really come as no surprise that the all-new 2016 Kia Optima would be even more excitingly styled than the current model--hard to imagine--while also doubling down on quality, innovation, and performance.

The industry specialists tell us that the 2016 model "encompasses everything the outgoing model did so well but does it better. It has matured in all the right ways; from the European sports-sedan design to the premium materials to its improved ride and handling."

Needless to say, we here at Napleton Kia simply cannot wait for this enticing new vehicle to make its way to our Palm Beach Gardens, FL showroom over the course of the next few months. To appease your curiosity in the meantime, however, we're pleased to be able to share the following clip with our readers--the Seoul launch of the all-new Optima!

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